Influencer Pazarlaması ve Sağlık

Influencer Marketing and

Those who would like to live a conscious and healthy life, who would like to increase the life efficiency of themselves and their families are following Healthnet Specialists.

We are an era where mass marketing lost its importance, where instead clear messuages are reached more easily with the created bonding from the heart in between people and their interest areas.

For this reason, Healthnet Specialists are the professionals who have the most recent and reliable information in their field but also, they are realistic and precise.

Who would you rely on more than professionals themselves? for your products’ awareness, trials, important aspects, trademark and all of those to be supported by scientific facts.

In 2018, %51 of Turkish population made their purchase decisions over the advice of Instagram, and %26 followed YouTube Influencers.

Like Public & Big Cat Research, 2018, Research about the Influencer Marketing in Turkey
Influencer Pazarlamasının Gücü

Power of the
Influencer Marketing

In whichever field you might be offering products, you may be reaching your marketing targets and influencing scenarios with the professionals whose reliable messages has become an everyday life feature on mobile devices that touching consumers lives.

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